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The program's overall objectives are to provide education, clinical experience, and training of well-qualified persons who can provide quality care in the field of pre-hospital medicine.


Course Objectives


With the successful completion of this course, the EMT-Basic should be able to provide appropriate basic life support care under medical direction to acutely ill or injured patients and to transport patients by ambulance or another emergency vehicle. The EMT-B should:


  1. Demonstrate the ability to make rational and multiple patient care decisions while under stress.

  2. Demonstrate the ability to relate to people under normal and difficult circumstances.

  3. Demonstrate an awareness of abilities and limitations.

To successfully fulfill the role of EMT-B, an individual must be able to:


  1. Recognize a medical emergency, rapidly assess the situation, provide appropriate emergency medical care, and if needed, extricate or provide safe guidelines in the extrication process, coordinate efforts with those agencies that may be involved in the care and transportation of the patient and provide a professional demeanor to bystanders and family members to decrease their state of anxiety.

  2. Record and communicate pertinent patient information to the designated medical control.

  3. Initiate and continue appropriate emergency medical care under medical control, including the recognition of presenting conditions, initiation of treatment, and assessment of patient response to treatment and modifying treatment as directed or necessary.

  4. Exercise appropriate treatment in cases where the medical direction is interrupted by communication failure or in cases of immediate life-threatening conditions and provide such emergency medical care as has been set forth in medical records.

  5. Direct and coordinate the transport of the patient by selecting the best available methods in conjunction with medical control.

  6. Record in writing, the details related to the patient's emergency medical care and pertinent findings regarding the incident.

  7. Perform the general preventative maintenance and preparation of the emergency medical care equipment and supplies.



The tuition for the course is $1,200.00, which includes a uniform shirt, insurance, 1st round of practical test fees, and textbook.  Tuition must be paid in full prior to the class start date.


Class Times


The EMT Basic class will meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings and occasionally on Saturdays.


Classes are currently scheduled:


September 9, 2024  through December 18, 2024

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