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Board of Directors


The District is managed by an elected board of directors representing six election districts within the County.  The day to day operation of the District is the responsibility of the District's Director, Assistant Director, and Shift Supervisors.


The Board of Directors meets once a month at 7:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month at Ambulance Station 1, located at 311 Hickman Avenue in Fulton, Missouri.

Marilyn Macker

District 1 Marilyn Macker Term Expires 04/2024

Robert Pierce

District 2 Robert Pierce Term Expires 04/2025

Don Dame

District 3 Done Dame Term Expires 04/2023

Curtis Hall

District 6 Curtis Hall Term Expires 04/2023

Jeff Stone

District 4 Jeff Stone Term Expires 04/2024

Bill Cull

District 5 Bill Crull Term Expires 04/2025

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